mardi 16 octobre 2007

Dernières nouvelles de Janadesh

Enfin j'arrive à obtenir une connexion ! je me dépèche de donner les dernières infos de Janadesh. Quant aux photos il ne faut plus y penser pendant quelques jours. Avec Gilbert nous avons pris une semaine de repos pour jouer aux touristes ordinaires ! Je laisse les infos en anglais et pour résumer : une intervention auprès de Sonia Gandhi s'avère positive et redonne un peu le moral à tous !
By Anaïs Hammel, Ekta Parishad volunteer from France.
Today a delegation of social activists (including Aruna Roy, Rajagopal P.V., Harsh Mandar, Nikhil Dey) had a meeting with Mrs. Sonia Gandhi (President of National Congress Party) in New Delhi. After a 45 minutes’ discussion, the conclusion was positive: Sonia Gandhi agreed with the proposal of establishing a National Land Reform policy (including the Fast Track Court and Single Window System). Sonia also said that she will talk with the Prime Minister and
the Cabinet Ministers soon (probably next week).
15th October 2007 Janadesh News 5
The social activists asked her to announce formally concrete steps before 28th October and she agreed to do so. Therefore, the people have announced that they are ready to walk to the parliament if no concrete steps are taken before the 28th of October.
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